Hey, I'm Marco Suárez.

I specialize in design systems for digital products.

I’ve built design systems at both InVision and Etsy. I’ve also been an Art Director at MailChimp where I led design on various marketing initiatives and MailChimp’s mobile apps.

I'm married to an amazing woman and we have two awesome daughters. We live in the small, but not too small, town of Greenville, SC.

And if you’re into coffee, I’m also one of the owners of Methodical Coffee, a cafe and roaster company.

I've built design systems at two of the best companies around.

Now I want to work with you. I can guide you through the difficult process of designing and adopting a design system. I provide knowledge and best practices based on my extensive experience, and actionable insights based on research and observations.

Interested in working together? Let's chat.

If you’re researching

If you’re researching the value of design systems, how to advocate for them, or how to build momentum within your team, let’s schedule time to talk. I’d be happy to consult.

If you’re getting started

I give educational courses on design systems including best practices on how to structure your system that makes it easy to understand, contribute to, and scale. I can do this online or in person.

If you’re deep in it

Velocity is one of the biggest challenges of a growing design team. As you standardize your output through a design system, you’ll also see the need to standardize your input through rituals and shared understandings. I can coach you through creating standards and rituals that remove friction and won't create policies to police.

If you need a designer

If you need an assist with your initiative, I’ll come alongside your team John Stockton style to offer hands on expertise. We’ll establish goals, deliverables, and timelines to keep us on target, on time, and continually delivering value.

Recent work

Portfolio available upon request.

Unfortunately some of my work is not available publicly. If you'd like to see my portfolio, please email me.